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Woman files lawsuit against Shaker Heights police officer, accuses him of coercing her into sex

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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio -- A Cleveland woman is accusing a Shaker Heights police officer of using his position of power to coerce her into having sexual intercourse with him.  The woman has now filed a lawsuit in federal court against both the city and the officer, saying she agreed to have sex with him out of fear of retaliation.

The incident in question happened in the early morning hours of September 21.  The lawsuit said a Shaker Heights Police Officer pulled over the plaintiff and her friend.

The plaintiff was a passenger in her own vehicle and was cited with wrongful entrustment of the vehicle to the driver.  She was asked to put her phone number on her ticket. She said the officer called her several hours later and asked if he could come over.  She said no, and he then asked her to meet up at a restaurant.  She agreed and said the officer told her he could make her citation go away if she had sex with him in her car.  She complied.

The lawsuit suit states she took $100 from the officer in case the ticket couldn't be dismissed.  She then agreed weeks later to meet up with the officer again and accepted another $150 to take care of the cost of the citation.

The lawsuit states the woman was deprived of her 4th Amendment rights and that the officer used his power as a police officer to access personal information to coerce the woman into having sex with him.

Jared Klebanow, with Klebanow Law LLC is representing the plaintiff and said:

“I think in this situation it is so easy when you share this story to say, no one would do that. Who would actually do it?  Why wouldn’t you run?  Why wouldn't you go tell somebody?  But it is a police officer.  We are trained as citizens in the United States to trust police officers and there are so many good police officers out there that when you run into a situation like this, she didn't know where to turn.”

FOX 8 spoke with a commander with the Shaker Heights Police Department who said they do not comment on pending lawsuits and investigations but did say they were aware of this claim and they are currently conducting an internal investigation into this allegation.

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