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Op-ed: Schools need ‘reality check’ about demands placed on parents

For students, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

For parents, not so much.

An opinion piece in the New York Post points to the stress that the end of the school year causes for many parents.

“May is always the most insane month of the year for us, almost as bad as Christmas. [We have] parent/teacher conferences, end of the year field trips, the science fair, birthdays, you name it. We have crazy clothes day, crazy-hair day, PJ day and water-fun day. Each one requires a lot of work in this Pinterest age where it’s not enough to just throw a ball cap on them or some funny Walmart hat,” a mother in Arizona told writer Bethany Mandel.

The story pointed to a study that found moms and dads are spending twice as much time parentings their children as they did 50 years ago — long before most households were manned by two working parents instead of one.

Mandel does say many parents create the stress by overbooking their children and feeling the need to keep them entertained at all times.

It’s not just time. Many of the extra demands placed on parents from school require money.

“If we want to lessen the stress of modern parenting, teachers and administrators need a reality check about how much unnecessary time they are demanding of parents. And we should reconsider how much we permit them to do so,” Mandel wrote.

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