Study finds millennials unlikely to attend wedding due to finances

Wedding season is almost here and if you have an invite, you know it can mean big bucks.

According to the financial app, STASH, the cost of attending an average wedding is about $400.

They conducted a study that found millennials would decline a wedding invitation due to not having enough money.

In fact, they’re two times more likely not to attend a wedding if they can’t afford it.

It’s not just millennials who feel stressed by finances. Nearly two-thirds of consumers say lack of money keeps them from doing basic things like going out with friends and family, going on vacation, and dining out.

Here are some other notable findings from the study:

  • 31% say they lose sleep and feel stress over finances all the time
  • More than a third (34%) of survey respondents say they don’t want to talk about money because they’re embarrassed, and think they are worse off than their peers.
    • Another 33% say it’s because it upsets them too much.
  • Nearly a quarter of those surveyed say they’re ashamed of their financial habits.
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