Attention cookie lovers! Oreo introducing five new flavors this summer

Calling all cookie lovers! Oreo has announced that five new flavors will be released throughout summer.

According to, S’mores will be the first flavor released on Monday.

The next one will be sure to be a favorite among coffee lovers. Oreo Thins Latte will hit the shelves in June and will reportedly stay there for good.

Also in June, Marshmallow Moon Oreos, which said is inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing. The packaging is glow-in-the-dark and the wafers are lunar-themed with purple cream on the inside.

When July hits, Oreo will be teaming up with Baskin Robbins to release a Mint Chocolate Chip flavored Oreo.

Last but not least, Oreo will introduce limited-edition Maple Creme Oreos at the end of August.

We don’t know about you, but we can hardly wait to try all of these!


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