9th inmate to die in Cuyahoga County Jail was Army veteran battling addiction, family says

CLEVELAND -- The family of a Cuyahoga County Jail inmate who took his own life is demanding answers.

Nicholas Colbert, 36, is the ninth inmate to die in the jail.  His family told FOX 8 they were hoping jail could've been the thing to save his life.

Colbert was jailed on a drug possession charge.  He was brought into the jail Wednesday and found unresponsive in his cell Friday afternoon.  He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Colbert was reportedly an honorably discharged soldier, serving ten years in the Army National Guard at home and overseas.

His family says he was also fighting heroin addiction.

"My brother wasn't just the ninth person to die in the prison, he wasn't just a statistic. He wasn’t just a junkie; he was my brother," Colbert's brother, Danny Colbert, told FOX 8. "I thought this would help him because he wouldn't be able to do drugs. He would be in prison -- I mean jail -- and they would help him get clean, help him out because he was a veteran. He served his country and he deserves it."

Danny said that even though his brother struggled with arrest and addiction after leaving the Army, he remained determined to do what he could for his family.

Colbert leaves behind four daughters.

The investigation into his death is ongoing right now as the jail continues to fall under scrutiny from many sources.

Colbert's family said they have plenty of questions and want everyone to know that he wasn't just the ninth person to die in the jail this year.  He was also a man with a family that needed help fighting the demons that took over his life.

"My family wants answers. Our friends want answers about how this could have happened because we thought he was safe...and he wasn't," Danny Colbert said.

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