Community holds memorial for Cleveland woman killed while walking dog

CLEVELAND -- More than a hundred people including family, friends and co-workers attended a vigil and balloon launch Saturday to honor the memory of 58-year-old Sheila Wallace.

"It's our first Mother's Day without her, so it's kind of rough," said Wallace's daughter Katie.

Katie said her mom, who worked at the Cleveland Clinic, would get home from work and take her dog, Winston, for a walk right across the street from her home.

"She lived in the house on the corner here, right next to the park and she would just go to work and to church on Sunday's. She volunteered at a nursing home. She was the type of lady that if somebody asked her for anything she would have given it to them," Katie said.

Wallace was walking in McGowan Park on Cleveland's west side, around 7 o'clock Thursday night January 17.  A short time later her body was found in the park with her dog still by her side.

Cleveland police said she was shot three times -- once in the head and twice in the chest.

Now, it's been four months and there haven't been any arrests.

Katie said she has no way to be sure right now, but she has a hunch police know something or at least she hopes.

"I believe they know more than they're telling us and I think they just don't want to get our hopes up until they have solid enough proof to put those people away," Katie said.

"I just want to get justice for my mom," said Wallace's son Luke. "This has been absolutely devastating."

Luke wants to know why someone would kill his mom.

"There's no reason at all. It's just completely heartless. It's just terrible. I have asked myself why and I have no answer for that," Luke said.

Katie said she misses her mom dearly this Mother's Day weekend and while her heart longs for justice, she's grateful for all of those who showed up at the park Saturday to keep her mom's case and memory alive.

"I just keep crying. It's astonishing. Every time I turn around there's just more people. She would've been so touched by this, just to know that people cared," she said.

Katie said Crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the person or people who killed Sheila Wallace.

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