Woman and dog attacked by coyotes in Penitentiary Glen

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KIRTLAND, Ohio-- Dog walkers in the Lake Metroparks are on alert after a woman and her dog were attacked by coyotes while hiking in the Penitentiary Glen.

Michelle Middleton, of Willoughby, said it happened on April 17.

“I heard some growling and rustling in the leaves, and I turned around and there were three coyotes,” Middleton said.

Her 10-year-old German shepherd named Murphy was the target.

“They were just coming at him from every angle. So I charged them, clapped and screamed at him. They would back up 15 feet and come right back,” Middleton said.

Middleton started beating the coyotes with sticks until they ran away. But it was far over.

“The coyotes actually chased us alongside the trail, barking and yipping at us the entire time. I would pick up more gravel and throw it at them,” Middleton said.

Eventually, Middleton made it to a clearing where the coyotes stopped. As for Murphy, he suffered bites to his hip and inner thighs.

“I always thought it was small toy poodles that got attacked. I never thought a 100-pound dog would be a victim of a coyote attack,” Middleton said.

Middleton immediately told Kirtland police, who alerted Lake Metroparks Rangers.

More information on coyotes from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources here

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