911 caller tells police man was arguing with McDonald’s employee, security guard before shot was fired

CLEVELAND - Employees who called 911 moments after a security guard fired a shot inside a McDonald's said a man had tried to fight with a worker.

"He was trying to fight another employee. He doesn't even know these guysl he just started here," the woman told the 911 dispatcher. "He tried to attack one of my workers and he ran up on the guard."

The calls were made Tuesday night from the McDonald's on St. Clair Avenue.

"Someone just got shot," another caller told the dispatcher.

Police say a security guard shot and killed 32-year-old Andre Foster.

"He actually charged at the security guard," said Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia of the Cleveland police department. "He had left and returned and there was another fight where the security guard ended up firing one shot."

Ciaccia added that the guard had used pepper spray prior to firing his gun.

The guard was also assaulted, police said.

The guard is a retired East Cleveland police officer. The guard was home Wednesday. His family said he was too upset to discuss the case.

No charges have been filed and homicide detectives are continuing to investigate.

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