New ‘Pocket Crocs’ come complete with little fanny packs

This piece of footwear is the collaboration between Crocs and Japanese fashion brand Beams, and yes, that is a little fanny pack there, on the heel. (Courtesy: CNN)

NIWOT, Colo. — The makers of Crocs have teamed up with Beams, a Japanese fashion brand, to create a pair of the iconic rubber shoes that feature some 80s flare.

The rubber shoes will feature their usual holes on top and moveable strap, as well as a fanny pack.

The fanny-packed Crocs, called “Pocket Crocs” are are currently available on Beams website in two color schemes — teal shoes ad purple “pockets” and vice versa.

They’re selling for 5,940 Japanese yen which equates to about $53 U.S. per pair.

Some social media users are asserting that Pocket Crocs may be the ugliest crocs design yet.

“‘I will come up with some ugly, comfortable but ugly wearables. Then give it a pouch to make it even more ugly. Then market it as comfortable.’ – Crocs current SUCCESSFUL business plan.” Twitter user Tiffany Brooks shared.

However, others seem to be loving them, arguing that the shoes “just got even cooler.”

And, if the Pocket Crocs aren’t quite your style, Beams is selling a variety of nostalogic 80s-inspired crocs.  Some feature sun visors, others are bedazzled.  These styles are also available online.

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