‘I can’t do anything’: Army vet crushed by van now crushed by medical bills

East Point, Ga. — Nearly ten months after being run over by his own van during a robbery, 24-year-old Glenaj Washington is still in pain. And no one is stepping up to cover his medical expenses.

WGCL reports that Washington had stopped at the BP gas station off Lakewood Avenue in East Point last July. The army reservist also works for a towing company, and was on his way to the office, in the company van. When he came out, he found a man in the van.

“So next thing he did, he looked down and threw it in reverse,” Washington said.

Surveillance video captures the moment it happened. The van flies in reverse, strikes a cement arch, then flips on its side. Washington got pinned underneath.

“I was trying not to pass out,” he told CBS46. “It was painful. It was really painful.”

Washington said the suspect got away with help from an accomplice.

He suffered broken bones and a shattered ankle. Nearly 10 months later he is still in pain.

“I can’t do anything,” he said. “My abilities have been hindered and I don’t like that. It tears me up.”

Washington said the towing company he worked for did not have insurance and would not pay for surgery or workers compensation. He said the VA can’t help since the incident did not happen on military orders.

“It stops me from being able to move forward in the military as well,” he said of his injuries. “I can’t become a sergeant, which I’m a specialist right now. In order for me to do that, I have to do a PT test.”

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