People want to know about the potholes on their streets after I-Team investigation

CLEVELAND-A FOX 8 I-Team investigation has sparked taxpayer outrage and a demand to see roads fixed.

Taxpayers are speaking out after a hidden camera investigation revealing Cleveland pothole crews not filling potholes.

And it even has a Cleveland councilman asking the same question we raised: Where’s the management?

Eloise East lives near 137th and Kinsman, and when she saw our report she really got mad about what she sees on her block: big potholes.

East said, "Anybody that's paying taxes wants a fair deal, and it’s up to the workers and people that run the city to do what's right."

The I-Team recorded one pothole crew going back to a maintenance yard for two hours in the middle of the day.

Another crew took a 20-minute break, left the job site, then didn’t start filling potholes for nearly three hours.

And another crew worked for 20 minutes, then went to a maintenance yard for an hour and ten minutes.

This week we took our findings to Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, and he said he’d look into it.

Eloise East said Friday, "I'm glad you called him out. ‘Cause somebody needs to call these people out. They really do.”

The mayor's office first predicted we might get some answers by the end of the week. So we went back to city hall. And it turns out the internal review is not finished yet with top managers looking into what those work crews did, or should have done.

City Councilman Michael Polensek said his office gets constant complaints about teeth-rattling potholes. Polensek said, "I mean, I had a lady tell me that, thank goodness, she had her false teeth glued in because they would have come out on one of the streets she was driving on."

And the councilman added, he, too, wants to know why management oversight of the crews is so lax. Polensek said, "But when they're just not working, or working for a small fraction of the day, and citizens see that, that's insulting to them."

Eloise called city hall to register a complaint about her street.

We’ll check back and see if it gets repaired.

And we’ll update what city hall concludes about what our cameras saw on the streets.

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