Parents outraged after middle school teacher sends home letter about extra credit

DILLON COUNTY, SC — Parents are outraged after a middle school teacher sent students home with a letter denying their request for extra credit assignments.

According to WCSC, a teacher at Dillon Middle School in South Carolina released a letter beginning with, “Progressive reports are coming out soon. No, you cannot do extra credit to bring up your grade.”

The letter continues, asserting that students likely chose to “do little or no work” during the grading period.

The teacher then urges the students to “Remember how disappointed and upset you feel right now. Take a moment and really let it sink in. Every time you fail to turn in an assignment in the new grading period, think of how you feel right now.”

Parent Stacy Hargrove provided a copy of the letter to WCSC, which they shared on their Facebook page:

Hargrove reportedly claims this is not the first time there has been an incident with this particular teacher.

“She addresses the kids in a demeaning manor (sic) all the time,” Hargrove told the news outletl. “She has no compassion for them. It’s not about bad grades…or kids slacking off…it’s about how she treats the kids. Being a good teacher also entails showing compassion for the kids.”

Another parent reportedly said that a lot of students hate attending the teacher’s class.

According to WCSC, Dillon District 4 Superintendent Ray Rogers said the letter was not approved by administration and distributed without permission.

We reiterated that the district’s primary concerns are students’ success, achievement and safety.

You can read Rogers’ full statement, obtained by WCSC, here.

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