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Oklahoma coin collector offering $10,000 for rare penny

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CLAREMORE, Okla.-- A coin collector in Oklahoma is offering $10,000 in exchange for a rare penny.

Richard McPheetrs, who started his collection as a child, is searching for a certified 1982 Small Date Denver mint penny made in copper.

There were eight of these pennies made at the Denver mint and he already has the other seven. The last year pennies were made from copper was 1982.

While the best way to test a penny's composition is to weigh it, you can test them by dropping them on a hard surface. Zinc pennies will make a clunking noise, while copper pennies have a ring.

This particular penny will also have a slightly thinner font, as well as the letter "D" under the 1982.

Before you cash in on the $10,000, the penny has to be graded and certified. That can be expensive. Once the penny is certified, you can call McPheeters at 918-923-7325.

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