Happy wife, happy life! Study says people with happy spouses may live longer

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You've heard the saying "happy wife, happy life;" now, a study says having a happy spouse could be associated with living a longer life.

The study, published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science,  surveyed 4,400 couples in the United States who were over the age of 50.

It found an individual's life satisfaction was in direct relationship with that person's mortality.

People who were in happy marriages at the start of the study were reportedly less likely to pass away during the eight-year study, compared to participants who had less happy relationships.

The study found if your spouse's behavior is healthy and active including a good diet and exercise, you're likely to match that active and healthy lifestyle.

Same goes for if your partner is depressed and never wants to go out -- your social life will likely match.

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