Loyal viewer shares recipe for Nana’s Potato Pancakes

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Nana's Potato Pancakes
Courtesy of Tom Ciryak

Makes about 48 4" pancakes

4 C grated potatoes
1 grated small onion
6 grated cloves of garlic
1 egg slightly beaten
2 C (plus or minus) milk, divided
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
3 tbsp garlic powder or more to taste
2 C all purpose flour, divided
vegetable oil for frying

Optional toppings:
maple syrup
sour cream

Grind potatoes, onion and garlic together. Drain excess water from potato mixture using a sieve.

Add salt and pepper. Mix well.

Slightly beat egg and add to mixture.

Add one half of the milk and mix.

Add flour a little at a time and combine.

Now add more of the milk, mix and check for the right consistency (should be a loose batter).

In a non-stick frying pan, add about 1/16 inch of vegetable oil and heat over high temp. Test for temp with a small spoon of batter. It should start crisping right away.

Using a tablespoon, add batter to fry pan, thinning to a 4" pancake and cook until edges are crisp but not burned (a couple of minutes).

Flip over and cook until bottom is browned and crispy. Set on a paper towel lined platter to absorb the excess oil.

These pancakes are very thin. Serve with syrup, applesauce or sour cream. Can be frozen and reheated.

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