PA mom raising awareness about handicapped parking after recent run in with careless driver

LEWISBURG, Pa. — A frustrated mother took to Facebook recently to vent after her son, who is in a wheelchair, couldn’t use the ramp on their van because someone decided to park on the diagonal lines right next to them.

As FOX 46 reports, Jamie Swan said she had no trouble getting Griffin, 5, out of the van when they first arrived at physical therapy. But when they came back, another car was in the way.

“Since my son and I were alone, my options were A: Leave my 5-year-old outside of the vehicle alone while I move the van, or B: Transfer him into the van while I move it and then back into his chair to load it,” Swan said in her interview.

She said she normally looks for a  parking space to accommodate her van, but one wasn’t available at the time.

“Regardless of whether this is a van accessible spot or not, it is handicapped, and not to be parked on. The lines to allow extra room,” she told FOX 46.

She hopes her post helps raise awareness about handicapped parking so she doesn’t have to encounter the same kind of situation again.

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