I-Team: Exclusive video shows 9-year-old arrested for bringing loaded gun to school in Cleveland

CLEVELAND-The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive video of a nine-year-old getting handcuffed and arrested by Cleveland police for bringing a loaded gun to school.

You see the boy stand up as an officer says, “Stand up young man. Turn around. Place your hands behind your back." And the boy responds, “Mommy, I’m scared.”

The arrest happened last month at St. Francis School near E71 and Superior. And police video has just been released to the I-Team.

Students saw a 4th grade classmate with a handgun in his book bag. So school officials locked up the gun and called police.

An officer asks the child where he got the gun. He indicates he brought it from home. He said, “The closet-- while I was looking for the football.”

His mother admits the gun is hers. She said, "It was at the top shelf under clothes pushed in the back."

An officer found the gun was loaded with a bullet in the chamber ready to fire.

The boy utters, “I’m sorry.” And the officer responds, “Sorry doesn’t cut it.”

Since the arrest, we checked: any charges? We found nothing in juvenile court against the child. But in adult court, mom has to answer to a judge. She's been hit with charges for child endangering and for allowing the child to get his hands on that gun.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors reviewed the case. They referred the young suspect to juvenile court for counseling and other services.

The I-Team tracked down his mother, and she didn’t want to answer questions. She is pleading not guilty to her charges.

Meantime, the video also shows the boy didn’t seem to have a full understanding of the danger.

When the officer reminded him the gun was loaded, he said, "I thought the, I thought the bullets were out. I never knew that."

So the officer responded, "That's why you're not supposed to touch it.”

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