Dog believed to be dead digs himself out of grave, reunites with family

NOVONIKOLSK, Russia — A dog believed to be dead dug himself out of his grave and has since been reunited with his owners.

According to People, two sisters in Russia discovered their 18-year-old Dik unresponsive and lying still on Tuesday.

The sisters believed he was dead, placed him in a bag and buried him in a shallow grave at a local pet cemetery.

However, Dik, who was not actually dead, managed to claw free and dig himself out of his grave.  He reportedly made it to a nearby road before collapsing from exhaustion.

Two teenagers allegedly found Dik and contacted a local animal shelter, where he received veterinary care.  The shelter, called Open Your Hearts, posted photos of Dik on their social media pages.

His owners reportedly saw the shelter’s post Wednesday and reached out.  The shelter brought Dik back to his family.

The sisters were reportedly “overjoyed” to be reunited with Dik and donated money to the shelter to express their gratitude.

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