Foster kid removed from drug & crime-filled home becomes high school valedictorian

GULFPORT, Fla. — A Florida teen is graduating top of his class after being removed from a drug house and placed in foster care.

According to WFTS, Robert Hurley has overcome being raised surrounded by drugs and crime.

Now, he has a 4.6 GPA and Ivy League schools, like Yale and Stanford, competing for him.

“My mother was a drug dealer, so people would be in and out of the house,” Hurley told WFTS. “When I was nine years old I was taken away from my mom.”

Hurley went into foster care and ended up living in a children’s home until he was a sophomore in high school when he was forced to leave the home.

A math teacher at his high school, Amy Krusemark, learned Hurley would be placed in a different county if he couldn’t find a foster home. So, she and her husband stepped up to the plate and  have been fostering Hurley ever since.

Hurley told the news outlet that the Krusemarks changed his life.

“I wanted to live differently than what my childhood was, and the only way to guarantee it was to pursue education,” he reportedly said.

Now Hurley is encouraging people who are considering fostering to “get involved and help change the odds.”

He reminds others that “no matter what hardships you face in life, there will always be people to help you.”

After graduating high school as valedictorian, Hurley plans to study chemistry in college and pursue a career in medicine.

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