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Residents in Stark County community worried there are no sirens to warn about dangerous weather

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- After severe storms rolled through Northeast Ohio on Sunday, residents of one Stark County community are worried that there are no sirens in place to warn them of dangerous weather.

“I heard the warning on the radio and one came through on my phone. Then I heard a low-pitched, kind of helicopter sound. Something I never heard before and it was loud,” said Faith Ann Brown, of Jackson Township.

Brown ran to her basement as an EF-0 tornado touched down Sunday in Stark County.

“I know you get a warning on the phone, the television, and the radio if you are listening, but if you are outside, you don’t have a clue,” said Brown.

Brown is among the residents worried about a lack of tornado sirens in Jackson Township.

“There are children, adults in the park and if there are no sirens, they don’t have their TVs. There are hundreds and hundreds of people at risk here,” said Al Risoletti, resident.

The township was hit by a tornado back in 2002, causing massive damage and leaving people frightened.

“There was no warning on the television because my electricity went out first,” said Brown.

Brown says she has reached out to the township trustees, but, so far, none have responded.

“There are so many parks, we have the Hall of Fame festivities, people are here from out of town. And if they don’t know that we don’t have a siren, how can they be safe?” said Brown.

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