Woman says cracking her neck while stretching left her partially paralyzed

LONDON–A woman says she was left partially paralyzed after doing something a lot of people do.

Natalie Kunicki, 23, a paramedic in London, told the Daily Mail she stretched her neck and heard a loud cracking sound. She said she wasn’t even trying to crack her neck. “I just moved and it happened.”

It reportedly happened as she was watching movies in bed after a night out last month.  According to the Daily Mail, Kunicki got up and collapsed; she was not able to move her left leg.

“The doctors told me later that just that stretching of my neck had caused my vertebral artery to rupture. It was just spontaneous and there’s a one-in-a-million chance of it happening,” she told the Daily Mail.

Doctors said the rupture of the artery in her neck caused a blood clot and that triggered a stroke.  Kunicki underwent surgery to repair the artery.

She told the Daily Mail she is regaining some mobility but doctors do not know if she’ll make a full recovery.

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