VIDEO: I-TEAM investigates another local courtroom attack

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CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-TEAM has obtained exclusive video of more courtroom violence inside the Cuyahoga County Justice Center.

The latest trouble happened Monday which was the second incident in a matter of weeks and it has the I-TEAM investigating courtroom security.

In the most recent case, sheriff’s deputy body camera video shows William Terry fly into a rage after getting sentenced to 18 months in prison for a burglary that turned violent.

In the video he tells his family, “It’s only 18 months.” But he also calls out the victim in the case. And as a deputy starts to lead him to jail, he turns violent.

Finally, two deputies take Terry to the ground.

Back in February, the I-TEAM revealed video of a convict attacking his lawyer in court. Deputies finally tackled him after he used his handcuffs as a weapon against the attorney.

The latest courtroom chaos happened just across the hall from where the first incident happened, leading the I-TEAM to ask if deputies are taking any new steps to keep the peace in the Justice Center, especially since tempers often flare when convicts get sentenced.

Despite all of this, a Cuyahoga County spokesperson said there are no plans to add more deputies to courtroom security. The Sheriff’s Department is hoping regular training will have deputies ready for anything in court.

But privately, judges have complained about not having enough security. And now, violence has exploded twice in a matter of weeks.

After the attack on the attorney, witnesses raised questions about how the inmate was handcuffed. It did not fall in line with policy. Nonetheless, the Sheriff’s Department did not issue any internal discipline.

Meantime, judges, and even some deputies, wonder what’s next?

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