WATCH: Camel takes adventure to Michigan PetSmart

MUSKEGON, Mich. — A man walked into a PetSmart with a camel and it was the coolest thing ever for customers!

Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo in Michigan took their camel, Jeffrey, to a PetSmart location over the weekend, and they were sure to capture the video of his visit for all to see.

The zoo explained to FOX 8 News how this all came about.

A camel trainer was working with Jeffrey and he needed to know exactly much Jeffrey weighs in order to give him an accurate dosage of his annual medications and vaccines.

The trainer was helping with Jeffrey’s skills on riding in a trailer so the zoo could safely transport him to large industrial scale to have him weighed. “The more he practiced getting in and out of the trailer and going into new places the better!” the zoo said.

They knew Jeffrey loved people, so they thought PetSmart would be a great place to practice.  The store managers agreed to it.

The zoo caught the awesome visit on video and shared it to their Facebook page where it’s been shared thousands of times.

The zoo said Jeffrey will turn 12 this summer and a big party will be thrown for him.


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