VIDEO: Howland boy bravely battling leukemia gets wonderful welcome back to school

HOWLAND, Ohio — A little boy from Howland, who is bravely battling cancer, got such a wonderful welcome back to school on Tuesday.

Grady Oprean’s mother, Angela, posted the touching video on Grady’s Battle Against Leukemia Facebook page.

The video shows Grady walking into Howland Glen through a hallway of orange streamers as students and staff line up all around him.

Grady’s mom said it was her eight-year-old son’s first day back to school since being diagnosed with leukemia last April at the age of seven.  They were told, at the time, that treatment would be three-and-a-half years long, and he would not be able to finish school last year.

She wrote that Grady said, “This was the best day ever mom!!” and “I had so much fun and I didn’t know days could be this good!!”

Grady said he got to be the line leader, play with his friends and eat lunch with them, too.

According to the Facebook post, Grady will be transitioning back and is going to school for a couple hours a day.

Angela Oprean thanked everyone at the school for the very special welcome back entrance for Grady.

Grady is one very special and brave boy. According to the Grady’s Battle Against Leukemia Facebook page, when Grady was just four-and-a-half years old, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and then a year later, doctors told the family he had celiac disease.

The family says Grady is the toughest little boy they know.

**You can read more about Grady, here**

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