Ohio dog with bucket list passes away ‘surrounded by love’

BOARDMAN, Ohio –- A dog rescued earlier this year passed away Sunday after a local animal charity put together a bucket list to make her final days on this planet the best they could be.

According to Animal Charity of Ohio, Marnie was rescued with two other dogs on January 30. She suffered congestive heart failure due to advanced heartworm disease.

On Friday, the charity requested that community members help fulfill some of Marnie’s dying wishes.  Her bucket list including items such as getting ice cream from Handel’s and spending the night in a home getting spoiled.

Sunday night, Animal Charity of Ohio announced that Marnie passed away.

They said they entered the weekend with “high hopes” of completing all the things on her bucket list, but unfortunately that was not meant to be.

Marnie reportedly took a turn for the worse Saturday afternoon.  She was in much distress.

The charity said they did everything they could for her. She passed away surrounded by five members of her staff and with as many stuffed animals as she could fit in her bed.

“She didn’t get to do everything on her bucket  list but she got to enjoy everything she did do. More than anything she was surrounded by love,” the charity wrote on Facebook, “We are so grateful for the outpouring of support for Marnie. She got lots of ice cream, a sleep over, many treats and lots of love since we posted her story.”

Animal Charity of Ohio is now reminding pet owners to use heartworm preventatives.  They said heartworm is a “completely preventable disease when your pet is kept on preventative year around.”

The charity argues that Marnie would not have had to die if her owner had given her the proper treatments.  They also reiterate that Animal Charity offers affordable testing and preventatives. If you need help with testing you can contact them.

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