PHOTO: New record! Officials capture python over 17-feet long at national preserve in Florida

OCHOPEE, Fla. — A record has been broken!  Officials at Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida just found the largest python ever to be removed from the reserve.

The park said on Facebook the female python weighs 140 pounds, is over 17 feet long and contained 73 developing eggs.  She is the largest python they have ever removed from Big Cypress National Preserve.

Officials attribute her capture to research regarding a new approach to finding pythons.

They can use male pythons with radio transmitters to help officials track breeding females.  The team can then remove invasive snakes, develop new removal tools and learn more about how the pythons are utilizing the preserve.

The team used this new tracking method to locate the massive female pictured below:

All of the python work at big Cyprus is repeatedly focused on controlling invasive species which pose threats to native wildlife.

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