Photos: Hundreds of needles found inside Lorain house where two overdosed

LORAIN, Ohio-- The Lorain Police Department released photos of the site where two men died from opioid overdoses.

Officers were called to an abandoned house on West 26th Street in Lorain on Wednesday.

Police said it was littered with hundreds, if not thousands, of hypodermic needles. The house, which is a hangout for drug users, had been set on fire at some point. There are broken windows and rotting floors, as well as garbage covering the property.

Police called it a major health and safety hazard, especially to first responders and neighborhood children.

"The Lorain Police Department encourages residents to report activity in abandon buildings and prevent children from playing in and around these structures," police said.

The department said it is working with the city to tear down as many of these abandoned houses as possible.

The deceased were identified as Todd A. Drake, 31, and William L. Trinemeyer II, 43.

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