I-TEAM: New push to get justice for man murdered while praying

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CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-TEAM has uncovered new developments in the case of a local Salvation Army worker who was murdered as he prayed. A lawsuit says the shooting could have been prevented.

Back in 2017, a man with a gun suddenly shot and killed Jared Plesec as he prayed with a man in the lobby of an apartment building. The gunman is now serving life in prison.

And, a civil wrongful death lawsuit just filed means the people running the apartment complex will have to answer in court too.

Attorney Craig Bashein said, "And the lack of security is appalling.”

Bashein said the Euclid Beach Villa Apartments had a record of “vicious assaults and other violent crime.” He said the complex didn’t have enough security despite many crimes before the killing.

Bashein added, "You had an overwhelming amount of criminal activity that was occurring. And landlords and property managers in Ohio have to protect residents in apartment complexes like this."

Go to the complex now and you see a no trespassing sign. But we found the gate to
the parking lot wide open. We didn't see anybody in the guard shack questioning anyone.

We reached out to the management office, and a man who answered the phone said, "We have no comment."

Police arrested William Jones during a crime spree right after the deadly shooting. He never apologized in court or explained what he did.

But now, hard questions for being asked of the apartment complex, too.

Craig Bashein said, "The family’s entitled to compensation for this terrible loss. And we'd like to see security improved at this facility, so this doesn't happen again."

Records show, just in recent days, the lawsuit has been formally sent to the parties involved. So, no legal responses to the suit have been filed yet.

Continuing coverage, here.

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