Akron police called after councilman confronts parents about parking outside school

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AKRON, Ohio-- It’s a big problem on Clifton Avenue in Akron.

“The situation is pure chaos. The parents start parking up here an hour early before school lets out,” said Holly Holland, resident.

That is because there is no place for parents to park outside Harris-Jackson Elementary School.

“They are parking on both sides of the street. Residents like myself and my neighbors, we can’t get out our driveways,” said Holland.

Holland says she contacted Akron Public Schools, who said it’s not their problem.

“The police come out occasionally but they never get out of their cruisers to enforce anything. Some of my neighbors and myself contacted our councilman and, quite frankly, he’s the only one who has done anything,” said Holland.

Cell phone video captured Ward 2 Councilman Bruce Kilby confronting parents about the no-parking signs last Thursday.

“According to our administrators, Kilby came into the parking lot. He was banging on people’s car windows; he was screaming,” said Mark Williamson, with Akron Public Schools.

‘School officials called police.

“Many people didn’t understand him because they don’t speak English and he scared them. The children were crying; the parents were crying,” said Williamson.

“I never beat on anyone’s window, never yelled. I don’t take responsibility for making babies cry,” said Kilby.

In fact, Kilby’s account of what happened is different.

“I went over to Clifton Avenue and all these parents were parked. I simply tapped on their window and was explaining to them that these people are blocked out of their driveways. The signs say no parking,” said Kilby.

Kilby says he was on a city street the entire time and it was an assistant principal who got aggressive.

“She comes running over here, getting in between me and these parents, yelling, gyrating all around, that’s the honest truth,” said Kilby.

Kilby was not charged; however, the district sent him a warning letter.

“We had an influx of refugees after the school was planned and already halfway done. There is no questions about it. We know it’s crowded. We know there is a problem,” said Williamson.

The district adds that the no-parking signs will come down and that parents will be allowed to park there between 2 and 3 p.m.

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