Some restaurants adding healthcare surcharge to customer bills

AUSTIN, Tx. — A restaurant in Texas is garnering attention after the owner recently decided to add a healthcare surcharge to customer bills.

“We started applying a three-percent surcharge on customer bills. If they would like, we can remove it,” said Nathan Lemley of Inside Foreign & Domestic.

In an interview with KVUE, he explained that the surcharge offsets the costs for providing full-time employees health coverage.

“If we were to raise prices on our food, we would have to raise a dollar per item. Basically, this would be the least amount we could raise and that would actually cost the guest more,” he said.

Seth Pottorf, who is a line cook at the restaurant, told the TV outlet he’s glad to have insurance now.

“It’s amazing because I don’t have the money in savings if anything were to happen to me right now. Knock on wood, hopefully nothing happens,” said Pottorf.

KVUE reports that Hoover’s Cooking, another restaurant in town, is doing something similar by adding a $1 surcharge, but it’s not optional.

Owner Hoover Alexander said it helps cover paid sick leave.

He also noted that they let customers know ahead of time how the money will be used.

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