A question in etiquette: Woman questions whether she should attend bridal shower when she wasn’t invited to the wedding

What would Emily Post do?

There’s a hot debate on Reddit over whether you should have to go to a bridal shower if you weren’t invited to someone’s wedding.

Here’s what the post says:

”I received an invitation for a bridal shower recently. On the invitation it had all the pertinent information (time, date, location, etc.) and it also had their gift registry information on it so obviously there was an expectation of bringing gifts,” she wrote. “My issue is this: I’m not invited to the wedding. They’re having a very small, intimate wedding so the bride decided to have a big bridal shower to ‘share with those she cares about.’ ”

The woman said it seems like a “money grab”.

“I’m not invited to the wedding yet I’m still supposed to give them a gift?” she asks.

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