New study says drinking one bottle of wine per week as bad as smoking 10 cigarettes

SOUTHAMPTON, U.K. — You may want to think twice before opening up that second bottle of wine.

A new study published in the journal of BMC Public Health compares drinking one bottle of wine per week to smoking 5 or 10 cigarettes per week, depending on your gender. There’s also reportedly an increased risk of cancer.

“One bottle of wine per week is associated with an increased absolute lifetime risk of alcohol-related cancers in women, driven by breast cancer, equivalent to the increased absolute cancer risk associated with ten cigarettes per week. These findings can help communicate that moderate levels of drinking are an important public health risk for women. The risks for men, equivalent to five cigarettes per week, are also of note,” the study went on to say.

The UK researchers concluded by saying that this is an important public health issue, which they said needs more national awareness.

“We must first be absolutely clear that this study is not saying that drinking alcohol in moderation is in any way equivalent to smoking. Smoking kills up to two thirds of its users, and cancer is just one of the many serious health consequences. This study purely addresses cancer risk in isolation,” they wrote.

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