Guardian angel: Emotional tribute to newborn’s twin

ST. LOUIS — An emotional tribute to a newborn’s twin has gone viral.

A photo, posted by Jessica Young Photography on social media, shows a baby girl looking over at a cradle with a blue blanket and a pair of angel wings — meant to symbolize the baby’s late twin brother.

The photographer wrote on Instagram earlier this month, “This sweet girl visited me at my studio a couple weeks ago. Her twin brother James passed away at 18 weeks gestation. We wanted a photo to honor their twin bond and James.”

The twins’ mother, 39-year-old Heather Bowman, of St. Louis, told TODAY, “For me, it was important to talk about and not feel so alone. Pregnancy loss is a very personal journey.”

Bowman said when she and Young got together for the photo shoot, Young suggested doing something very special to honor James.

During the shoot, Bowman said baby Leti did something so moving — she looked over at the cradle. Bowman told TODAY she feels so blessed and lucky to have that moment captured forever.

“She was staring at that spot. It felt like he was watching over her and he’s there with her.”

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