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‘I got Luke Bryan’s boots!’ Country singer gives ‘American Idol’ contestant shoes off his feet

HOLLYWOOD– The “American Idol” judges are much more than mentors to the contestants: Country singer Luke Bryan proved just how true that is after his beautiful gesture toward one of the singers Sunday.

While contestant Colby Swift, 19, of Midfield, Texas, was performing his first solo song during Hollywood Week, Bryan noticed something: The teen had holes in both of his boots.

So, just a short time after Swift’s performance, the Idol judge got up, took off his own boots and went up onto the stage and gave his boots to Swift, and said, “Those boots are made for walking to the next round!”

Swift yelled, “I got Luke Bryan’s boots!” and then moonwalked off the stage.

**Watch the touching moment in the video, below**

Unfortunately, the teen did not make it past group rounds, but he said he was leaving with his head held high and Luke Bryan’s boots!

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