VIDEO: Texans bring steer to Petco to test ‘all leashed pets are welcome’ policy

Data pix.

HUMBLE, Texas -- Two Texans decided to test Petco's policy on pets in the store.

The policy states that all leashed pets are welcome in the store.

So, Vincent Browling and Shelly Lumpkin put a leash on Oliver, an African Watusi steer, and took him into a local Petco earlier this week.

According to Browning's Facebook post, the staff "welcomed Oliver with open arms."

Lumpkin told FOX 8 that they always enjoy visiting that particular Petco location and intend to bring Oliver back in the future.

The staff members were reportedly "super friendly and courteous."

Lumpkin explained Oliver is fully trained to ride and rein, like a horse.  She said Browling plans to ride Oliver into the store during a future visit.

Petco has since responded to the event saying on Facebook, "We mean it when we say ALL leashed pets are welcome in our stores."

The chain also said Oliver is one of their favorite customers.

You can keep up with Oliver on his Facebook page, here.

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