President Trump addresses GM’s Lordstown plant on Twitter prompting response from local Democrats

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LORDSTOWN, Ohio — President Trump continues to voice his opinion on the closure of General Motor’s Lordstown plant, prompting response from local Democrats.

Sunday afternoon the president took to Twitter, this time calling out UAW Local 1112 President David Green. Trump accused Green of letting the country down and said, "I want action on Lordstown fast. Stop complaining and get the job done!"

Green issued the following statement to FOX 8 in response to the president's tweet:

"We're doing everything we can with the Drive It Home Ohio campaign to convince General Motors CEO Mary Barra to reinvest in GM Lordstown. As Mary Barra has said, GM plans to discuss our fate with the UAW in the fall and we are focused on getting a new product in Lordstown. Folks here in the Mahoning Valley are True Blue, hard working, loyal, dedicated and ready to help General Motors and this country build the cars and trucks of the future."

The president's tweet also prompted response from democratic leaders.

David Pepper, the chair of the Ohio Dems organization, responded to the president saying, "This is disgusting."

Pepper argues that Ohio Democrats "stand with the workers of Lordstown" and "have been fighting for their jobs."

Pepper also stated that Green had been fighting for his union members' jobs in a "nonpartisan way."  Pepper also claims that Green reached out to the president several times before the plant had closed and didn't receive a response.

"He & the workers of Lordstown and Ohio deserve so much better than the treatment from both GM and Trump," Pepper wrote.

Tim Ryan, the representative for Ohio's 13th District, also took to Twitter Sunday, defending Green and calling out the president.

Ryan also argues that Green reached out to the president and didn't receive any response.  He also said that Green "has been relentless in his advocacy for the Autoworkers and a new vehicle at GM Lordstown."

He also stated that the Green and the workers the plant were some of the hardest working people and that the president refused to help them.

He also said he brought Green to the State of the Union address hoping Trump would address the loss in Lordstown.

Meanwhile, the former UAW 1112 president, Jim Graham, who also serves as Warren City Council President, released the following statement to FOX 8:

“I'm embarrassed that our President would be that petty. Dave Green as well as the leadership of Local 1112 and our membership have been working hard to procure a product for Lordstown. And for the President to be that negative and petty is very unpresidential and quite sad.”

The plant officially closed earlier this month and has left many in the community devastated.

President Trump also weighed in on GM's closure Saturday, arguing that the plant needs to get reopened in a different form or with a new owner and fast.

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