Shocking discovery: Homeowner finds suspected burglar crushed to death by 900 pound safe

MARION, Ind. -- A homeowner in Indiana made a shocking discovery while checking his garage after a suspected break in this week.

According to affiliate WXIN, George Hollingsworth noticed his garage door frame had been damaged, so he went inside to see if anything was stolen. That's when he spotted his antique floor safe, which weighs about 900 pounds, had tipped over and a man was trapped underneath. Hollingsworth knew instantly that the man was dead.

"My mind couldn’t comprehend it. This can’t be real. It’s like some strange tale," Hollingsworth told the TV station.

He said his wife rushed to call 911. First responders then came out and lifted the safe off of the man's body.

Hollingsworth said he doesn't understand why the man tried to move the safe in the first place.

"There’s nothing in it. It’s empty. It’s just one my dad had," he said during his interview with WXIN. "I would have rather seen him steal stuff and get out than die like that. What a horrible way to die."

Police have since identified the man as 28-year-old Jeremiah A. Disney of Marion.

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