Package of marijuana with ‘Leonardo DiCapio’ return address ends up at Willowick home

WILLOWICK, Ohio -- Police are investigating why a package full of marijuana was delivered to a Willowick address on Thursday afternoon.

According to Willowick police, the package was delivered to a home by the post office. The address was correct, but the recipient's name was fraudulent.

"The name on the return was Leonardo DiCapio from Oregon. And the name on the box was Gran Torino," said Det. Steve Fellinger with Willowick Police.

Once realizing the package was not for them, the residents placed it back on the porch and called police, who deemed it suspicious and called the Lake County Bomb Squad.

They determined it was not hazardous.   There was about two pounds of marijuana inside.

"The package inside was wrapped in a brown paper bag, that was wrapped in a couple inches of tape, and inside that was vacuum sealed packages of marijuana and quite possibly heroin," said Det. Fellinger.

These drugs did not belong to the resident of the home.

Police are continuing their investigation to determine who delivered the package and why.

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