I-TEAM: First look at investigation regarding local child missing for years

CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-TEAM has obtained pictures of a local missing child who has not been seen in years, putting a face on a growing mystery at the heart of an investigation.

The photos give us our first look at the little girl in the case with Cleveland police and child welfare workers asking, "Where’s Nevaeh?”

However, the pictures also add to the mystery.

Records show Nevaeh would be 9 years old now. But, police have only been given photos of the girl from years earlier.

Months ago, Cuyahoga County child welfare workers called police and filed a missing person report on Nevaeh. They said the child’s mother claimed she had given the girl to a relative in Florida in 2013, but mom had also given conflicting information.

Friday, we found mom, Rishardra Gaston, called to Juvenile Court over concerns about her parenting. The county could take away her other kids permanently considering them in danger.

Gaston has eight other kids.

At a short hearing Friday, Gaston answered a few questions for a judge denying the parenting complaint filed against her.  However, she has refused to answer questions for the I-TEAM.

A source close to the investigation also told us she is not answering questions for police. Neither is Nevaeh’s father.

While the pictures put a face on the case, again, the photos are not recent or current.

Investigators have also spent a lot of time trying to track leads in Florida in light of claims that the child had been sent there.

Gaston is due back in Juvenile Court later this month over matters concerning her other children.

We’ll be watching to see if that brings out anything to help find Nevaeh or explain what happened.

Continuing coverage, here.

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