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Lucky number 15? Keepers wonder if Friday could be the day April the giraffe gives birth

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. — The staff at Animal Adventure Park are continuing to keep a close eye on April the giraffe, who is expecting calf #5.

According to the latest update on Facebook, the team was very cautious Thursday and kept their distance due to her behavior.

They said she was pacing around and seemed to be having spasms in the muscles where the belly meet the hips, which could be contractions.

Now the big question remains, when will she give birth?

Some are wondering if it could happen on Friday, March 15.

The keepers say the number 15 holds a lot of significance for April.

Her last calf, Tajiri, was born on April 15, when April was 15-years-old and 15 feet tall with a 15 month gestation.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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