Man accused of driving drunk in car with missing tires, Erie County deputies say

Mugshot courtesy of Erie County Jail

ERIE COUNTY, Ohio — A 27-year-old man caught the attention of Cedar Point police after they saw him driving with two missing tires.

According to a report from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, who assisted with the case, Ohmar Roberson was pulled over right near Cedar Point Road and U.S. 6 around 4 a.m. on Saturday.

Deputies said during questioning that he didn’t seem to understand why he was not allowed to drive the vehicle on its rims. He claimed he was just trying to get home.

Roberson performed a field sobriety test and was also given a breathalyzer, which deputies said he failed.

He’s now facing charges of driving under the influence and having an unsafe vehicle.

Deputies said during their investigation they found scrape marks on the asphalt and pieces of tire along the roadway.



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