‘It should be an interesting next 12 hours!’: Animal Adventure Park says April the Giraffe should give birth soon

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HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. — Officials at Animal Adventure Park say that all physical and behavioral signs indicate that we are “simply waiting for the big moment” — the birth of April the Giraffe’s fifth calf.

According to the park’s Facebook post, veterinarians assessed April’s progression Saturday morning.

Officials decided to add extra bedding to her stall in anticipation of the birth, considering all signs point it should happen soon.

April’s behavior has recently been extremely off.  Witnesses reported that she was standing in one place, staring at the wall and being unresponsive to activity around her.

The park says, “Without question we are there – its a matter of when.  With darkness soon falling on the park, and many of our viewers, it should be an interesting next 12 hours!”

April captivated the attention of people across the country in 2017 with the birth of her fourth half, Tajiri.

Now, her fans cannot wait to meet the newest addition to her family.

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