Vermilion police search for thieves that stole cash registers from local business

VERMILION, Ohio -- Police in Vermilion are trying to track down thieves who have snatched cash registers from local businesses. The break-ins happened in the middle of the night, after employees have gone home.

The front entrance of Delmonico's Barbershop on Liberty Avenue in Vermilion is now boarded up. Sometime between 5:00 p.m. Tuesday and 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, someone broke into the family-run business and stole a cash register full of money.

"There were trucks fixing the door by the time I got here…that's scary, definitely, in a small town like this where you think you know everybody," said Kristen Horvath, who runs Ed’s Hair Shop in the same building.

Horvath said she did not notice anything unusual when she left work Tuesday night. She believes the thieves got away with several hundred dollars.

"That's a lot of money to be having to deal with and then lose a days' business," Horvath said.

Less than a week earlier, on February 28, Vermilion police said someone also broke into Beanie's Coin Laundry, not far from the barbershop.

Officer David Wood said it's possible the same people could be responsible.

"They have the same style, it was kind of like a smash and grab. They came in through, basically break the front the case today, it was a door, but they broke windows out of the door and they entered no farther into the building, except for to take the cash register," said Officer Wood.

Neither business had surveillance cameras, but investigators believe cameras nearby might be helpful.

"We do have some surveillance camera footage that we are trying to decipher through, see if we can't find anything that shows somebody entering or leaving the premises, especially after hours," Wood said.

"It's crazy that they picked those two places, what made them pick there and not here or there?" questioned Horvath.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Detective Steve Davis at 440-967-6116.

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