Police body camera video shows inside of Brooklyn Golden Corral after large fight

BROOKLYN, Ohio-- The FOX 8 I-Team obtained exclusive video of what police found after getting a call for a riot inside a local family restaurant.

Body camera video shows Brooklyn police scrambling on Sunday evening to the Golden Corral on Brookpark Road. They found about 20 customers fighting by using brooms, mops, plates, and even metal signs as weapons.

"And they started jumping on me. And they got a gun," one woman on video told officers.

"My boyfriend… His head is busted," another said.

"I see some people bleeding. I mean, it’s a huge brawl right now. There are children. There are children getting hurt," a 911 caller said.

So what set off that chaos? A police report shows it started by a bathroom with eye contact and dirty looks exchanged. Then two guys had words. One started charging and the other picked up a broomstick. From there, the madness took off.

"My employees are trying to break up the fight," a manager told police.

The video shows Brooklyn police questioned customers and workers, and took a peek at security video. They detained some people so they could be interviewed.

Brooklyn police say three people now face charges for rioting.

Police determined there were two groups involved tied to two families.  A report shows one person involved said another involved had pulled a gun on his cousin a month ago.

The restaurant issued the following statement on Tuesday:

"We are aware of a disturbance at our restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, and are cooperating with authorities. We are grateful for the efforts by our employees and the quick response by police. Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. The safety of our guests and employees is our priority."

No one seriously hurt, but the video showed an interview with an employee visibly shaken.

Police said they are continuing to investigate.

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