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Newburgh Heights police: Driver stops on I-77 to fight woman causing crash

NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, Ohio-- Video shows the aftermath of a horrific crash on Interstate 77.

It happened just after midnight Saturday on I-77 northbound near the Newburgh Heights and Cleveland line.

Newburgh Heights police scrambled there and found two vehicles crashed and people hurt. Sorting out how it happened wasn’t simple. Ohio Department of Transportation cameras captured a glimpse of it.

In the end, police determined a driver completely stopped in the middle of the highway so that he could get into the back seat. Then another driver plowed into that vehicle.

Police video showed a woman with the driver who had stopped.

"He got mad. He booked a room at a hotel. We missed the exit. I said, ‘You missed your exit.’ He jumped out the car, and he jumped in the backseat and start hitting me," she said on the video.

The other driver told police, "They were just stopped."

Some of the first calls reported a wrong-way driver. Newburgh Heights police found the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road and when it got hit, it spun around and ended up facing the wrong direction.

Police arrested Brian McKinney. An officer asked him, "You guys been drinking? Smoking?" He answered, "Yes, I have.”

"I wasn't driving. I was in the back seat," he said on the video. An officer responded with, "So, you're gonna lie to us now, too. OK cool."

McKinney is facing a series of charges.

A Newburgh Heights police report showed he has two prior cases for impaired driving and “thirty-one open suspensions.” We’ve requested McKinney’s driving record from the state to get a closer look a that.

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