Texas mom outraged after son gets bad ‘Dumb and Dumber’ haircut at school

HICO, Texas — A mom’s social media post has gone viral after expressing her frustrations about a bad haircut her son received at school.

Amy Martin claims her 16-year-old son came home from school crying last week after the principal at his school allegedly had a teacher, who was reportedly a licensed cosmetologist, cut his bangs off.

Martin said on Facebook that the school had told him multiple times he needed a haircut and they had “tried 3 times and failed for various reasons.”

“I could understand a trim to make it so he was within dress code but she cut his bangs off at a choppy angle,” Martin wrote in her post, “The teacher even asked her if she was sure! She made him look like Jim Carry [sic.] in Dumb or Dumber but worse.”

Martin claims the principal provided lots of excuses and was blaming her son when confronted.

“She said he looked down,” Martin said, “There’s no way that explains the awful haircut.”

The principal reportedly apologized, offering to take the boy for a proper haircut to fix it.

Martin said she thought this would be a great option, but instead her son came home crying, yet again.

“He said the principal just told him how it was his fault and belittled him the whole time. It’s a real small town, there were people they know there. He is humiliated,” she wrote.

Martin reportedly tried to file a report with authorities but has been unsuccessful.

She said a “nice lady” eventually came to and ” fixed [his bangs] as much as she could with [his hair] being as short as it is.”

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