Jonas Brothers include their leading ladies in music video for new song

When you’re in a group with your brothers, it’s a family affair.

But the Jonas Brothers took their big reunion one step further by including their significant others in the music video for the much-anticipated new song.

The video for “Sucker” was released early Friday.

According to their social media pages, it was filmed in England.

Fans were excited to see that the video featured Nick Jonas’s new wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, along with Kevin’s wife, Danielle, and Joe’s fiance, actress Sophie Turner.

Talk of a reunion heated up last week when Nick Jonas “liked” a tweet from a fan that said, “11 years ago I became a fan of the Jonas Brothers but I never had the chance to see them live. If a reunion is really gonna happen I will be the happiest man on earth.”

The trio announced their breakup in October 2013. The announcement came days after they cancelled a tour and deleted their Twitter account.

The Jonas Brothers will be featured next week on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

Die-hard fans got to meet the band when they made an appearance on Fox 8 back in 2013.

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