I-TEAM: Trophy buck bagged in Parma, hunter now facing criminal charges

PARMA -- The FOX 8 I-TEAM found a trophy buck bagged in Parma and now the deer hunter involved is facing criminal charges.

Thomas Goebel has been charged by Parma Police for how he got a permit and more.

A photo of the deer looks like something you’d find in a wildlife magazine.

Police said Goebel killed the deer in a patch of woods off of Plaza Drive.

They told FOX 8 Goebel got a permit for archery hunting to help control the deer population, but lied about qualifying, and shouldn’t have been on that property.

Sgt. Dan Ciryak said, “We allow archery hunting in the city with elevated stands. And, they have to go through a process. He kind of side-stepped the issue where he didn't exactly follow the rules."

Goebel’s buck almost won a local hunting contest, but that changed once the investigation arose.

Gene Miller heads the Medina County Hunters club. He said, "And he held the title as the leader in the clubhouse through the entire season. And we got word there were some problems with how it was tagged."

Finally, Goebel was disqualified.

Miller added, "And we find out that it was taken in means that was less than legal and outside the parameters of law, yeah, we take it personally.”

The I-TEAM went to Goebel’s house twice over three days and no one answered when we knocked. But the second time, a woman inside called police on us claiming she was frightened.

Goebel faces criminal charges in Parma of two counts falsification, criminal trespass and hunting prohibited.

Defense Attorney Kevin Spellacy told the I-TEAM, “He thought he had done the right things. There were a few mistakes made, but he thought he had corrected them. We look forward to dealing with these issues in court.”

Goebel also faces similar charges related to hunting in Seven Hills which he is fighting those.

Although you can see the outline of buildings not far away when standing in the woods, there are plenty of big deer in the Parma area.

Miller said, "They grow pretty big in those areas, just because there's not a whole lot of hunting pressure."

Now, the pressure is on the hunter.

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