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Sleep after baby? Study says new parents may not get good night’s rest for up to 6 years

Photo of a young mother holding her newborn baby, while putting him to sleep-courtesy: GETTY

When you bring a bundle of joy into the world, it’s probably no surprise that you may not get a lot of Zzzs right away, but now one study says new parents may not get a good night’s sleep for up to six years.

According to a study published in the journal Sleep,  “neither mothers’ nor fathers’ sleep fully recovers to prepregnancy levels up to 6 years after the birth of their first child.”

During the observation period, from 2008-2015, the sleep patterns of more than 2,500 German women and more than 2,100 German men were studied.

The study found moms reported losing more than an hour of sleep in the first three months after having their first child; dads reported losing about 15 minutes of sleep during that same time.

And, according to the study, “breastfeeding was associated with a slight decrease in maternal sleep satisfaction.”

**Read much more on the study, here**


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