Painesville Township takes action against manufacturing plant over odors

(Photo: Darsi Ayres/FOX 8 News)

PAINESVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio– Painesville Township trustees are continuing their battle against the odors from Hardy Industrial Technologies.

The trustees filed unclassified misdemeanor action in Painesville Municipal Court with 39 complaints for odor violations, the township announced on Monday. They called the manufacturing plant a constant offender for many years.

“This decision did not come easy and involved much discussion, deliberation as well as resident input. But, ultimately this decision was made because efforts thus far have fallen short of giving residents in that area the quality of life they’re entitled to and the ability to enjoy their property,” Painesville Township trustees said.

They acknowledged Hardy Industrial Technologies has taken steps to alleviate the odor issue, but said it was not enough.

“When it comes down to it, the only goal here is not to punish HIT per se, but rather hope this pushes them to find a permanent solution that benefits the residents of the Township, particularly those impacted every day.”

Hardy Industrial Technologies, located on 25 acres on Hardy Road, refines vegetable oil, cooking grease and animals fats, according to its website.

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